What Is RxAnalyzer™?

RxAnalyzer™ is a proprietary PBM auditing system that is designed to analyze pharmacy claims in order to help your organization maximize its Pharmacy Benefit Program. Of all the analytical tools in the RxAnalyzer™ suite, the price verification reports are the most compelling.

Should My Organization Be Concerned?

Absolutely. Since the inception of the PBM industry, PBMs had the luxury of operating "unchecked". What do we mean by this? Simply put, the client had no easy way of verifying that the rates negotiated with the PBM were actually being implemented.

For various reasons ranging from system configuration to outright fraud, your organization may not be receiving the proper rates. In any event, the financial damage is almost always realized by the client.

Many recent discoveries have revealed that PBMs don't always play by the rules, resulting in HUGE costs to the Client.

Several of the offenders have become subjects of stories in several reputable media outlets in the past. If your PBM does not appear in any published articles, don’t assume they are without flaw; many discrepancies are settled without public exposure.

Given that there are no oversight organizations, such as the SEC in the Securities industry, it is up to the client to keep the PBM in check.

The Solution

Our custom-designed technology system known as RxAnalyzer™.

RxAnalyzer™ can analyze millions of pharmacy claims at break neck speed in search of over-charged claims. The over-charged claims are identified and the loss to the client is calculated.

The results are presented in simple-to-read web-based reports that just may leave your PBM fumbling for answers!

RxAnalyzer™ Service Modes
RxAnalyzer™ provides two modes of service:

  • Retrospective Analysis – analyzes historical claims as far back as six years
  • Prospective Analysis – analyzes current claims and provides results, within minutes of upload, to verify invoices prior to payment
Please visit our services section to learn more about these features.

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